Why to pay in excess for warehouse renting!

Entrust your cargo to professionals and you will have new opportunities to lower Your expenses.

By reducing warehouse costs, one may achieve significant optimization of the overall expenses on logistics along the line of reducing total expenses of a company. At the same time a large part of operations will be performed in the way of outsourcing – there’s no need for You to maintain Your own warehouse or have an inventory accounting department.

We offer three basic types of warehouse services:

  1. Safe custody storage

    • You pay only for the actual place and time that you take at warehouse.
    • You do not need to pay the rent when there is not Your stock at warehouse.
    • You can always check your balance.
    • We take full responsibility for the safety of Your cargo.
  2. The use of warehouse services during intermodal transportation for reloading or intermediate storage.

    • The use of consolidation warehouses in the course of mixed consignment delivery
    • The use of warehouse services during loading-unloading operations when shipping oversized cargo
    • The use of warehouse services at multi-modal delivery, for example, when it is necessary to reload the goods from sea container to the railroad container or car.
  3. Provision of warehouse services when organizing distribution of Your products.

    • We offer to use our warehouse as the distributional one: You bring Your products to it and then. Based on request from Your customers, we ship Your products to regions both road and rail transportation. That enables You to offer prompt service of delivery to Your customers, also You may calculate possible costs in advance.