Logistics consulting

We are operating in the field of logistics for many years, nowadays Ability Group is a team of professionals able to handle any and the most challenging tasks.

At any time You may contact our company for consultation, we will do our best to find optimal solution for Your company.


Why to pay in excess for warehouse renting! Entrust your cargo to professionals and you will have new opportunities to lower Your expenses.

By reducing warehouse costs, one may achieve significant optimization of the overall expenses on logistics along the line of reducing total expenses of a company. At the same time a large part of operations will be performed in the way of outsourcing – there’s no need for You to maintain Your own warehouse or have an inventory accounting department.


For customs clearance and further on cargo handling it is often required to obtain special conclusions and certificates (depending on the nature of goods).

We are ready to assist You in execution of those documents, it's part of our job!

Cargo insurance

Reliability, responsibility, provision of guarantees when delivering shipments, even under the circumstances of force-majeure – those are the issues that worry Client in the first place!

We always provide professional solution to take care of concerns!