Transportation of oversized and hazardous cargo

Do You need to move the whole factory from Italy? Nothing is impossible!

Transportation of oversized cargo, both domestic and international, is the most complicated process of transportation that includes the whole integrity of work spent on development of the route, execution of necessary permits, preliminary approval. Usually the preparation takes more time than the shipment itself. One shall thoroughly think over every detail, in the competentl way obtain all approvals since the slightest mistake can be very costly.

We are ready to perform the delivery of oversized cargo from Europe and Asia by sea, road or railroad transport for You. If loading and unloading operations are required, we use warehouses in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, St. Petersburg. Also we offer various options for provision of customs clearance, insurance, escort of goods.

We have actual experience in those opeations both in case of separate oversized constructions and entire factory. We are confident that we may offer you optimal terms.

As the logistics operator offering high standards of quality, we pay thorough attention to each shipment, yet some some goods require special, close attention and careful preparation for shipment. For example, when hazardous cargo is considered. For its transportation a special rolling stock is used alongside with necessary permits and trained personnel. Port terminals also have special conditions for the processing of such goods. We solve all issues related to the delivery at the stage of preparation for transportation. In advance we coordinate all details with relevant authorities and organizations. Today we deal with shipments of goods belonging to various classes of danger (from 3-9) and offer different delivery schemes both by road and sea transport.