When it is required to arrange transportation of Your cargo, do You consider that Your shipment would be delivered on time? Without damage or loss? Without extra costs attached and that responsibility for the cargo safety would be born by contractors at every stage?

You aim to avoid surprises at customs clearance of Your shipment, You’d like Your goods to be processed accurately in accordance with the stated criteria and within the period provided by the legislation?

Would You like to have a personal manager for logistics available 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Do You need to consolidate shipments from various suppliers in Asia, Europe or organize the distribution of Your goods around Russia?

At the same time You’d like to have full information on the movements of Your goods as well as be provided with free of charge consultation on all issues at every stage of transportation?

If the said issues are relevant for You and Your business, then we are sure that You may consider our company as Your truly reliable partner.

For general information on our services please kindly refer to our website, yet we recommend You to contact us by phone or by filling in a request form online.

We are confident that You will be pleasantly surprised by our services.