Customs clearance

Anyone who has ever encountered with customs clearance of goods at the territory of the Russian Federation, knows how difficult it is to deal with it without professional help!

Customs clearance is the most difficult, time-consuming and financially costly stage of delivery of goods that has to be overcome by all organizations involved in import or export of goods. Risks that arise during customs clearance may incur additional costs surpassing all economic benefits from delivered goods.

Мы предлагаем следующие услуги по организации таможенного оформления:

  • Customs clearance of imported goods at various customs posts.
  • Customs clearance of export goods.
  • Customs clearance of specific goods that require specialized conditions of transportation and storage.
  • Selection of the optimal variant of customs clearance depending on the nature of the cargo.
  • Assistance in the execution of certificates and permits required for customs clearance.